10 Easy DIY Decorating Projects for Your Luxury Santa Clara Apartment

December 16, 2016

Sometimes, when you’re decorating your apartment, you just can’t seem to find the exact piece you need.

You walk around countless home décor stores, searching tirelessly. When you spend all of that time and still don’t find the piece you want, you start to wonder whether or not it even exists!

And you know what? Maybe it doesn’t exist.

But don’t worry. The good news is this:

You can DIY just about anything in your apartment – from headboards to cabinet hardware and beyond.

And a lot of DIY projects don’t require pricey materials or special crafting skills. It’s probably easier than you think to create the piece that will really take your apartment décor to the next level!

Sound interesting?

If so, keep reading. By the time you’re done with this post, you’ll have learned about 10 easy DIY decorating projects that are perfect for luxury Santa Clara apartments!

1. Paint your hardware.

Seriously – chances are, there’s quite a bit of hardware in your apartment that could benefit from this quick, simple DIY upgrade.

For example, you may want to paint:

  • Door knobs
  • Light switch covers
  • Drawer handles

Consider using gold paint for a classic, luxurious look. Or, if you want a more vibrant look, you can use a bright color that meshes well with your existing color scheme.

You could also completely replace the hardware if that’s going to help you create the look you want in your apartment!

2. Create a stylish headboard.

It’s no secret that headboards can be pretty pricey. And you might have to spend quite a while shopping around before you find the exact kind of headboard you’re envisioning in your room.

So, why not save time and money by creating your own headboard?

Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Hang a blanket over a rod behind the bed.
  • Paint an old door and turn it on its side.
  • Pick up an oversized mirror and place it behind the bed (you can even paint the frame to match your bedroom décor!).

If you want to dress up the wall space at the top of your bed without taking up too much space, consider hanging a tapestry on the wall instead. It can give you the dressed up look of a headboard without all of the bulkiness!

3. Use fabric to boost the appeal of a mirror.

More specifically, use fabric to cover the frame of the mirror.

You can get a nice mirror for this DIY project at a thrift store near your apartments in Santa Clara. When you’re shopping, remember, the condition of the frame isn’t going to matter much because you’re going to cover it anyway!

4. Create shadow boxes.

You can often create these starting with a simple wooden box to hang on the wall. Then, you just need to attach a decorative frame to the front of the box to dress it up!

Don’t be afraid to get creative here – if you want, choose fun paint colors that mesh well with the rest of the decorations in your apartment. Or if you want a subtler and more luxurious look, you can simply use off-white paint.

5. Make chair cushion covers.

Do you have any comfy chairs that you’re thinking about getting rid of because they’re just plain ugly?

Don’t throw them out or donate them just yet. You may be able to salvage your chairs with this DIY trick.

With certain types of chairs, you can simply wrap fabric over the existing cushion, and the chair will hold it in place – no sewing required. With other types of chairs, it may be best to do a bit of simple sewing.

If you absolutely don’t want to sew, consider using fabric glue or pinning the fabric securely to the bottom of the cushion. This approach can make your cushions look just as polished as if they were sewn if you do it right!

6. Create your own toothbrush holder.

Toothbrush holders are a small piece of your bathroom décor, but they can make a big statement if you want them to!

Sure, you can buy a toothbrush holder from most home décor stores. But why not spend a little time making your own – one that really pops and makes your bathroom décor stand out?

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Decorate a mason jar. You can hang it for a unique look or set it on your bathroom counter to keep it simple.
  • Add notches to the shelving in your bathroom. Be sure to measure first so these notches are the perfect size to hold your toothbrushes. This is a good approach if you want to keep your toothbrushes out of the way rather than making a statement with them!
  • Paint a mug. This is a great way to get a custom look in your bathroom without spending a lot of time and money!

Not into DIYing that much? You can also buy a toothbrush holder you like and customize it with paint that will match your existing color scheme!

7. Paint a plain welcome mat.

You’ve seen those basic brown welcome mats at the store before. But maybe you’ve never bought one because you wanted a more customized or fancier mat for your front door.

If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to learn that you can create a gorgeous welcome mat with a bit of paint.

First, pick up a basic, solid-colored mat. Then, choose your paint colors and plan out the design you’d like to paint on the mat. For example, you could paint:

  • Your apartment number
  • A silhouette of your pet
  • A monogram
  • A heart, star, or similar symbol
  • Music notes
  • Stripes, polka dots, or a similar pattern

Get creative, and pick a design that really symbolizes your style and interests. Before you know it, the fellow residents at your apartments in Silicon Valley will be so inspired when they walk by that they’ll be eager to make their own custom welcome mat!

8. Create your own coasters.

Keep the surfaces in your apartment clean and dry while also showcasing your impeccable style – you can have the best of both worlds when you create your own coasters!

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Photo tile coasters – Attach your favorite photo to a tile, and then coat it with Mod Podge. It doesn’t really get more personalized than that!
  • Wine cork coasters – Attach a bunch of same-sized wine corks together in the shape of a circle for an earthy but sophisticated look.
  • Perler bead coasters – Create intricate, detailed designs with Perler beads for your coasters. Just make sure you don’t set any hot drinks on these as the beads melt fast.
  • Fabric on cork coasters – Creating these is as simple as attaching your favorite fabric to a circular piece of cork board. You can even add more embellishments for a stand-out look!
  • Wooden coasters – Cut up a log into coasters, and lacquer the wood in a stain of your choice. Great for a more rustic (but still sophisticated) look!

9. Turn spice racks into shelves.

That’s right – spice racks don’t just have to be for storing spices in the kitchen. They come in all shapes and sizes and can also be used to store:

  • Books
  • Hair products
  • Makeup
  • Baby products
  • Toys
  • Jewelry

If you want, you can even use a spice rack as a towel rod for your bathroom. Hang a towel over the rod on your spice rack, and place items you use every day on the top of the rack, using it like a shelf space!

10. Customize plain placemats.

Much like customizing your doormat, this is an easy, quick DIY project that really packs a punch. Your guests will be impressed to see that you’ve put so much time and care into your décor – no doubt!

Start by picking up some plain placemats. Then, pick up any supplies you need for decorating, and you’re good to go! Here are a few ideas:

  • Pop of color placemats – Sometimes, you don’t need lots of fancy designs! A simple pop of color, which you can create by painting your placemats one solid color, can really help your placemats stand out as statement pieces.
  • Dyed placemats – If you have boho décor in your apartment, you might consider tie-dyeing your placemats. You don’t have to use a lot of color, though – a dark blue dye will help you keep it sophisticated!
  • Pom-pom placemats – Add a string of small pom-poms to the edges of your placements for a fun, funky vibe!

Remember to check with your apartment management before making any serious changes!

Of course, you can go ahead and change things like placemats and doormats. But you may not be able to hang certain things or paint hardware, for example.

Before you make any major changes, talk to the management at your apartments in Santa Clara. They’ll be able to help you determine whether or not the changes you want to make are compliant with the lease terms you agreed to.

Once you’ve been approved to make the change in your apartment, you can start your new DIY project and spruce up your apartment!