10 Romantic Restaurants Near Tuscany Luxury Apartments in Santa Clara

August 09, 2016

Finding the perfect spot for a romantic evening might make you a little nervous. You may not know how to find the best reviewed or most enjoyed cuisines in your area, or maybe you’d just rather just let your date choose for you.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Keep reading, because in this post, you’ll find all the information you need to take the initiative and plan a romantic dinner date for two. Here are some of the most popular spots near the Tuscany Apartments in Santa Clara:


#1 Le Papillon

Le Papillon is one of the finest romantic restaurants in the Bay Area. Since the technology boom of the late seventies, it’s been the standard for food, service, and atmosphere in Silicon Valley.

If you take a date to Le Papillon, the two of you may even rub shoulders with executives from companies like Apple and Intel who have long preferred the restaurant as a favorite for meetings and parties.

There’s both a tasting menu as well as a prix fixe (fixed price) menu, which change often to include seasonable, sustainable, and organic ingredients at their peak. The food blends the old world with the new to create dishes with worldwide sensibilities.

So if you want to try a Zagat-approved intimate French restaurant near your apartments in Silicon Valley, try Le Papillon!


#2 Parcel 104 

Parcel 104 features an upscale, creative, American-themed menu that supports the seasonal efforts of local Bay Area growers, ranchers, and dairies.

This romantic restaurant has an award-winning breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu with a focus on farm-to-table fresh American fare. Parcel 104 is regularly listed as the finest dining experience in the city of Santa Clara – which means your date definitely won’t be disappointed!

And if you go to Parcel 104 on Friday nights, you’ll find their Farmer’s Market Dinner, which incorporates food from small local farms, food from nearby gardens, and artisan products into the meal.

But keep in mind that you’ll need to do some planning to eat here. If you and your date want a table in the main dining room at Parcel 104, go ahead and book a reservation online via the website OpenTable.


#3 Citrus Restaurant

Once you take the wood-walled elevator to the third floor of the San Jose hotel, you’ll find Citrus Restaurant, the winner of the OpenTable Diner’s Choice 2015 award.

The restaurant is a quiet refuge from the seasonal crowds that serves globally-influenced California cuisine. It’s well-suited for a romantic evening – either inside or outside on the spacious patio.

Citrus Restaurant offers local produce, sustainable meat, and seafood that meets the standards of the Monterey Seafood Watch program.

Aside from their lengthy list of entrees, they also have an extensive 4-page wine menu that features every variety of wine you could ask for. And really, what better companion to California cuisine and ambience is there than a glass of wine?


#4 Iroriya

Iroriya is a fireside cooking restaurant where your food is grilled over a charcoal fire. The style is known as robata, or robata-yaki.

As you might have guessed, it’s a restaurant that serves authentic Japanese seafood: sashimi, sushi, oysters, scallops, and squid – you name it. However, you may need to come back many times to make your way through the full menu.

You should plan ahead, though, because you can’t just walk right into Iroriya and expect to be seated like you can in a typical hibachi or sushi restaurant. You may need to place your name on a lengthy waiting list to get in.

And if you’re lucky enough to get a table, it may take a little time for your food to finish grilling. So get ready to relax and enjoy your date!


#5 Fiorillo’s Restaurant

Many restaurants struggle to achieve the perfect authentic atmosphere, but this family owned and operated restaurant has built its reputation on theirs. Fiorillo’s has been around since 1972, and has attracted couples on date nights ever since.

Fiorillo’s is known for its huge selection of pastas and other traditional Italian dishes. But if you’re looking for something a little simpler for your date, go for their specialty pizzas.

But you’d better come hungry, because Fiorillo’s Restaurant is well-known for generous portion sizes. In fact, most people probably have to bring their food home with them to their apartments in Silicon Valley!


#6 Mio Vicino

Mio Vicino first opened on the corner of Benton and Monroe in old town Santa Clara in 1992, and it’s hardly changed since.

The Italian chef and his business partner who started the restaurant had a simple approach: they wanted to create a place for anyone to stop in and enjoy fresh Italian dishes, a premium wine selection, and a cozy atmosphere.

And that’s exactly what they accomplished. Mio Vicino feels like a friendly neighborhood restaurant because it is one! It remains privately owned and operated by one of its original employees, so you know you can count on premium ingredients cooked according to traditional recipes.

So, if you and your date want to eat at a casual Italian restaurant nestled into a busy street corner, check out Mio Vicino.


#7 Pedro’s 

You can hardly have a list of romantic restaurants in California without at least one Mexican food destination!

And Pedro’s may just be the perfect pick. It’s been around in the Silicon Valley area for nearly forty years! That sort of success doesn’t come from being boring – it comes from their varied and unique selection of authentic Mexican food creations.

Pedro’s even features upstairs private rooms, which can accommodate everything from a romantic 2-person evening to a 50-person affair. And if you like tequila, you’re in luck: Pedro’s proudly sells award winning margaritas to pair with the flavors of their Mexican cuisine.


#8 J Fusion Sushi Bar & Grill

If you and your date are longtime sushi experts, you’ll love this place. That’s because the borderline unpronounceable name of Omee.J Fusion Sushi Bar & Grill isn’t the only thing that makes it a memorable date night experience.

You might not think a sushi bar would have made it onto the list of romantic restaurants near your apartments in Silicon Valley – but the low lighting and soft music mixed with artfully designed food sets Omee.J apart from your usual sushi bar fare.

When you arrive, you’ll find 4 pages of unique combinations with pictures of every roll to give you a full visual before you commit to your order. And all you have to do is look up reviews of this place to see that it’s very highly regarded amongst Santa Clara eaters.

But if you leave your apartments in Silicon Valley on a Friday night to enjoy Omee.J, you might want to call ahead and see if there’s a large crowd of people waiting to get in. They’re extremely popular, so you might need a reservation!


#9 The Bistro

The 20-minute drive from Santa Clara to Sunnyvale is more than worth it to eat at The Bistro. The Bistro is operated by the Art Institute of California in Silicon Valley and functions as a teaching restaurant. All of the food on the menu is prepared by amateur chefs who are practicing their craft.

Because of this, the restaurant offers:

  • A menu that changes every season
  • Pricing under $10 on all items
  • A live video stream of the staging tables in the kitchen
  • A kitchen that gets all its ingredients from within 150 miles of the restaurant
  • A sense of adventure you can’t find in a professional restaurant

Now, you might think: How could a restaurant run by students have a romantic environment? Easy: the décor is designed to mimic a fancy restaurant’s environment. You’ll even get your own flower arrangement on the table!

So, for a new kind of dining experience on your date, try The Bistro.


#10 Vino Vino

Still looking for something out of the ordinary? Located in downtown San Jose at the end of San Pedro Square, Vino Vino prides itself on being the opposite of a stuffy wine bar. Actually, it’s often described as a “beer garden with wine.” In other words, it’s not very big or fancy.

Instead, it’s an intimate little place to take a date and eat food that pairs well with wine.

Vino Vino’s menu includes foods like cheese plates, salads, and paninis – all of which are perfect when accompanied by one of their dozens of wines. So if you’re ready to make your own romance and let your hair down a little, try Vino Vino.

Decision Time!

Which one of these restaurants sounds most appealing to you? Are you the fancy French restaurant type, or are you going to go with something a little more casual and cozy?

Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a great experience. But if you still can’t decide, you do have one more option that might impress your date even more than a romantic restaurant: cook at home!

That’s right – you can prepare a delicious meal of your own in your luxury apartment in Santa Clara and knock your date’s socks off with your cooking skills.

…After all, you’ve definitely got the kitchen for it!