11 Best Workout Destinations in Silicon Valley Courtesy of Tuscany Santa Clara Apartments

July 29, 2016

Looking to get into great shape this summer? If so, you need a rundown of the best workout destinations in Silicon Valley. It’s true that finding the perfect gym, fitness club, or other regular workout spot can be challenging sometimes – but not when you live in this part of California!

People here love staying in good shape, so you’ll have no trouble finding a workout destination that fits your personality and your schedule.

Let’s go over some of your options. Here are 11 of the best fitness spots near Tuscany Apartments in Silicon Valley. 

#1 Bay Club

If you’re a fan of working out in a country club environment, the Bay Club is right up your alley.

The Bay Club is a collection of active-lifestyle resorts that put a primary focus on sports, fitness, and hospitality. Members have unlimited access to a range of exercise and workout classes at discounted prices, like their privately instructed Pilates courses.

You can also take advantage of the Bay Club’s premium athletic clubs, golf courses, outdoor and indoor swim clubs and tennis courts, and year-round lessons for members of all ages and abilities.

And after your workout, you can relax and socialize with other members – or head back to your home at Tuscany Apartments in Silicon Valley.

#2 Equinox

If you prefer a more focused approach to fitness, Equinox is a great choice.

They put a huge focus on high-performance in the luxury fitness category and emphasize all their members commit to achieving their fitness goals. As a result, workout with Equinox is not necessarily for the casual exercise enthusiast.

Equinox has upscale full-service clubs in major cities throughout the United States that offer strength and cardio training, studio classes, personal training, spa services, apparel, and juice bars.

And we’re lucky enough to have them near our apartments in Silicon Valley!

#3 Rancho San Antonio

When you want to break a sweat and get a great workout, you sometimes need to go outdoors.

Rancho San Antonio encompasses a roughly 4,000 acre area in Santa Clara County. There’s no other way to put it: it’s gigantic – and it has tons to offer for a great workout!

The preserve has miles upon miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails of all difficulty. And did we mention it has gorgeous scenery year round, a working farm, and a lively animal population?

Once you’re done burning those calories, you can even check out the model airplane flight area to watch or take part in a hobby that attracts people of all ages.

And remember: when you’re outdoors, you’ll soak in that California sun – so don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

#4 Crystal Ballroom Dance Studio

Do you consider yourself much of a dancer, or do you have two left feet?

Wait, don’t answer that. Either way, you might want to try Crystal Ballroom Dance Studio.

The instructors at the studio offer private dance lessons and group classes that focus on various dances like:

  • Waltz
  • Foxtrot
  • Tango
  • Rumba
  • Cha-cha
  • Salsa
  • Swing

They even have parties for social dancing – so you can get a great work out and meet new people in the Santa Clara area at the same time.

#5 WellFit AJ

Whether you’re a fitness novice or an expert, WellFit AJ promises one heck of a workout.

WellFit AJ is Silicon Valley’s self-proclaimed best personal training program. Their trainers offer decades of experience in the health and fitness world and promise to consider your schedule, health conditions, previous injuries, and eating habits as they help you reach your workout goals.

According to their website, WellFit AJ’s personal training offers:

  • Knowledge and sensitivity to your personal needs
  • Evaluations of your medical history and a lifestyle review
  • A complete nutritional assessment
  • Current fitness measurements
  • Definitions of your long and short term fitness goals
  • Free first session
  • 10 percent senior discount

So if an expert personal trainer is along the lines of what you need to accompany you on your workout, you should consider WellFit AJ.

#6 YogaSource

,It’s always great to have the personal attention that comes from instructors who really care about your health and well-being. And since YogaSource is one of the best yoga studios in Silicon Valley, that’s exactly what you’ll find there.

YogaSource offers a big selection of classes, which include:

  • Bikram – A type of yoga characterized by a series of postures and breathing exercises in a heated room.
  • Hot pilates – A full-body workout that uses Pilates principles, mindfulness, and breath awareness in a heated room.
  • Hour of power – The most challenging yoga class offered at YogaSource Palo Alto.
  • Jivamukti – A class that integrates philosophy and spiritual teachings from ancient yogic texts, chanting of Sanskrit mantras, meditation, and more.
  • Power yoga – A fun, creative, flowing sequence that includes an emphasis on strength and endurance.
  • Restorative yoga – A class that features guided meditation, intention setting, and warm up practice followed by deeply healing restorative postures.
  • Vinsaya – A vigorous and flowing practice that blends the major yoga asana traditions into new expressions that mix ancient and modern practices.
  • Yin yoga – A calming and quiet way to release tension and increase flexibility.

But be careful – these yoga classes aren’t easy! The instructors recommend you drink plenty of water, and try not to eat much for at least two to three hours before every class.

#7 San Jose Barbell

These guys aren’t playing around.

With the notion in mind that there’s no permanent fat loss solution, San Jose Barbell wants long term, sustainable, healthy fat loss for all its members – according to their website.

Instead of focusing on cardio and dieting trends, this Silicon Valley gym puts a huge emphasis on weight training. They believe that the best way to stay healthy is to build more muscle.

But they also believe in patience. Any member looking for a get-fit-quick solution might be disappointed, because dedication to hard work is what this fitness center is all about.

#8 Third Space Fitness

If you’re looking for an extremely active fitness community in Silicon Valley, you should consider Third Space Fitness.

They offer a program that takes place three days per week for members who value both a regular workout and mental development. Classes include the ever-popular CrossFit, TRX/Kettlebell, Barre, or Yoga.

But beyond their standard workout and fitness programs, they also offer complementary programs that provide a “fitness concierge,” a yearly seminar, and two recovery sessions every month.

And for members who are looking for the complete works, Third Space Fitness offers The Life Program, which is a 5 day a week exercise program with nutritional counseling, bi-monthly progress evaluation, and a monthly personal training session.

So if you want a full workout experience with a modern edge, consider Third Space Fitness.

#9 Barry’s Bootcamp

How does burning 1,000 calories in an hour sound to you?

If it sounds pretty good, you might want to check out Barry’s Bootcamp.

Since 1998, Barry’s Bootcamp has attracted the attention of celebrities, models, and even Olympic athletes. Their signature workout, called The Best Workout in the World, includes 30 minutes of intense cardio coupled with 30 minutes of strength training with free weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, and more.

Barry’s Bootcamp is centered around a workout technique that’s meant to “shock” the body to improve your cardiovascular system, help you lose weight, and promote muscle growth at the same time.

They were even voted “The Best Celebrity Workout” by Allure, Los Angeles Magazine, and others. Sounds like one hardcore and effective workout!

#10 Orangetheory Fitness

Here’s one of the more unique workout environments in the United States: Orangetheory Fitness.

In their facility, you’ll find the highest quality equipment, upbeat music, and motivational trainers to keep you going. Also – everything is orange.

Orangetheory is built around one core philosophy: Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC. The workout you’ll get at the Silicon Valley Orangetheory gym is designed to get you into this “Orange Zone,” where you’ll continue to burn calories after your workout for noticeable and lasting results.

On their website, the Orangetheory team says the orange color theme of their studio reminds them of their philosophy and inspires them to achieve more. They’re certain it’ll work for you too – so maybe you should book your next workout session at your nearby Silicon Valley Orangetheory Fitness.

#11 Tuscany Santa Clara Fitness Center

If you still aren’t sure where to go for your workout, maybe you should try right where you live!

Forget about gimmicky programs and studio fees – anyone who lives at Tuscany Santa Clara apartments in Silicon Valley won’t have to look any further for a great workout. Our onsite gym is a state of the art facility with all the exercise equipment you need. We have everything from treadmills to free weights!

And if you want to relax after your workout, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in our resort-style pool or rest near the beautiful outdoor fire pit.

As you can see, in this part of California, you have no shortage of amazing options to get an excellent workout. With these 11 fitness destinations, getting in shape has never seemed like so much fun!