12 Practical Tips for Living With a New Roommate in a Santa Clara Apartment

February 11, 2019

If you have found yourself on the search for a new roommate or if you have recently acquired one, this post is 100% for you! The process of finding a new roommate and simply adjusting to living with a new person can be overwhelming. How should I go about this and that, what if they don’t want to do pull their fair share, are questions that come to mind. To help answer these questions and more, here is a list of 12 practical tips for living with a new roommate in a Santa Clara apartment.

1. Communication

When people say, “communication is key”, they aren’t lying. Everything in life seems to work out easier when you communicate, and living with a roommate is no different. While the tip may be to communicate there are a few things that you must address/communicate when living with a new roommate in a Santa Clara apartment.

2. How You Split Expenses

Now one of the points of a roommate is to have someone to split living expenses with. That can’t be done if your roommate flakes on you and uses it never being discussed, as their excuse for not paying their fair share. It is important to discuss whether or not things will be split equally or by usage. When you think about it this makes a whole lot of sense. You wouldn’t want to pay half of the cable bill if you only use streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu.

In cases where you split bills, utilizing a bill management app will keep things nice and simple when it comes to splitting expenses.

And finally, make sure to put how you will go about expenses in your roommate agreement saving you from any disagreement down the road on how things would be carried out.

3. How You Will Share Everything Else…

Knowing how you will split your bills is now out of the way but how will you split/share everything else? Is the food in the fridge a free for all or is it solely for you since you purchased it? Is your roommate’s recliner open to the both of you or is it only available when they are away? It may sound like silly questions but they do and will come up.

4. Do’s and Don’ts

Similar to the above, you will want to communicate to your Santa Clara roommate what is acceptable and what is not. Simply put, a do’s and don’ts. Do go ahead and have people over, don’t let me know as they knock on the door. Do record your favorite show on DVR, don’t take up all of the storage with your shows. Do have a guest sleepover, don’t keep me up all night. You get the get the point. It really comes down to being considerate of your roommate and treating them with the respect you would want.

5. Guests

At some point, you will want to have guests over and that is perfectly okay. Just make sure that you run it by your roommate and vice versa. Talk about days and times that work best for everyone living in your Santa Clara luxury apartment

6. How You Do Things

This covers a range of topics from how you specifically like to wash dishes to how often you take out the trash. Communicating how you get things done will clear up any confusion as to why you have dishes spread out all across the counter…because that is your drying process.

7. Create a Roommate Agreement

The ultimate communication is putting everything down in writing. All that has been discussed from expenses to do’s and don’ts should be documented. If your roommate(s) happen to forget or question a topic that was already agreed upon, you can simply bust out the roommate agreement and point to where it says that they are to clean the kitchen every other Thursday. Disputes won’t have to go on for days and in the long run, it will help for a better relationship with your roommate(s).

8. Exchange Emergency Information

If an emergency where to ever occur, you would want your roommate to have the right information on who to contact. Leaving a list of your top 4 contacts is something that should be a priority when living with a new roommate in your Santa Clara apartment. In addition, you should communicate any pertinent medical information such as allergies so that they know what to avoid bringing in the apartment.

9. Know You Aren’t Obligated to Hang Out

Just because you are Santa Clara roommates that doesn’t automatically mean you have to become best friends. It’s alright to have separate lives outside of your living situation. If anything, you might have a healthier relationship by not spending every minute of free time together.

10. Keep it Clean

We all have our sloppy moments when that walk to the trash can seem too far or washing your dish doesn’t seem like an immediate issue. Unfortunately, when you live with someone else, their view of things may not be the same. Sure, it is unrealistic to have a spotless Santa Clara apartment but it is realistic to simply pick up after yourself.

11. Create a Chore Chart

To make sure that no dust bunny gets left behind, create a chore chart. You may not have heard these words since you were younger but the chore chart was certainly put into place for a good reason. Determine the chores that have to be completed. If you have a hard time thinking of what exactly needs to be done, work together and walk around to decide what is a “must”. After the chores have been determined it is time to split them up amongst you and your roommate(s).

There are few ways you can split them up, like by section of your Santa Clara apartment, by how many people there are in the apartment or by random. You can rotate each week or every other month. Once you have this all figured out discuss what “clean” means to you.

Cleaning the bathroom can mean picking up trash and items on the ground or it can mean scrubbing down the sink, toilet, and shower. It is important to define what is truly clean. The last step in this whole process is to officially put it down on paper. Similar to your roommate agreement, it is key to have the chores displayed so that everyone knows their job.

12. Respect Each Other’s Belongings

Briefly addressed under tip 1, respecting each other’s belongings ensures that even if you have been given the greenlight to help yourself to anything in the fridge, you won’t abuse your roommate’s kindness by eating all of their food. Did your roommate say you can borrow a piece of clothing anytime? Great! Just don’t go and borrow all of her favorite clothes and then leave them dirty on her room floor.

This may sound like extreme scenario’s but they are plausible and something that should be avoided. Simply put, treat your roommate’s belongings the way that you would want them to treat yours.

 There you have it, 12 simple yet useful and practical tips for living with a new roommate in a Santa Clara apartment. At the end of the day it comes down to communication and if you aren’t the best at it, sit down with your new roommate and use this article as a guideline.