16 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment For Summer

July 17, 2018

Looking for ways to brighten up that apartment or create a more vibrant atmosphere? Living at Tuscany, while great on its own, can be entirely dependent on how you’ve decorated your blank canvas we provide.

In order to truly appreciate the home you’re in and the time of the year it is, you have to know what to add, subtract, or heighten in order to get the most out of your space.

How to Decorate Your Apartment For Summer

Add Color that Pops

This one is pretty straight forward, but replace those dark accessories with vibrant colors, fresh flowers, or graphic paintings. For example, consider adding or replacing a kitchen island centerpiece with something bright blue, yellow, or green to accentuate the warm summer light.

Bolster That Cocktail Bar With More Light Flavors

While whiskey will always have its classic cocktails, it might not be the best choice for summertime. Whenever we think of refreshing drinks, our mind tends to wander towards those crisp Spritz drinks, a pitcher of ice-cold sangria, or even a salty sip of margarita. For those looking to entertain this time of the year, we recommend refreshing your cocktail bar with summer-inspired drinks. That gets everyone excited for the warm weather!

Replace That Fire In Your Fireplace

As it turns out, Santa Clara summer night’s aren’t spent cranking the heat up or turning on your fireplace. Instead of sparking those flames, consider replace the logs with a coral themed bowl of shells or driftwood/candles.

Bring Your Living Room Outdoors

Use that apartment balcony as much as you can! With that in mind, bring those activties normally spent at the dining room table outside. This can even mean literally picking up that table to moving it to the balcony. This gives you a chance to spend dinner as the sunsets and the warm breeze turns into a perfect crisp air.

Curtain Call

This is a simple way to create a more summer appearance. Hanging bright flowy curtains on your bed posts or windows can create a feeling of beach vibes.

Window Treatments

Instead of having heavy drapes, think about a fun substitute that can add to the decor and maintain that natural light. Something nautical like knotted rope or bright glass decor can bring the illusion of warm weather inside.

Change of Outdoor Furniture Color

Those dark grey furniture sets can be quickly updated with a simple paint job. Think of a blue or upbeat green to add light earth-like elements to your furniture.

Wood You Like to Change the Brightness?

When you look at beach home, there are elements to the decor that might go overlooked. One of those being the wood color. Painting certain trims or parts of your wood a bright color like white and liven up the place.

Plenty of Pillows

Cheap and ultra effective, adding vibrant colored pillows to your indoor and outdoor seating can really make each room pop. Consider going festive next time your looking to add pillows to your apartment.

Outdoor Fire

Whether this is by way of a small firepit or having candles lined up inside, having some sort of flame while outside at night is always a treat. It’s the perfect combo with stargazing and good company.

Floral Fun

Easy enough but often overlooked. Adding floral arrangements to certain parts of your apartment can create a more lively energy and look great while doing so. If you’re not sure what type of flower arrangements to get, your local florist will be more than happy to help you out.

Add Stripes

You can use painters’ tape, fabric paint, or get creative with it. Adding stripes to your decor creates that summer-time beach house vibe.

Thematic Throw Rug

Considering buying a throw rug? Add one that speaks to the mood, like a floral or leaf pattern throw rug that can add another dimension to your place.

Outdoor Dining Done Right

While your apartment balcony may not be the biggest space in the world, how you choose to decorate or set it up can really determine how much use you get out of it. Don’t set yourself up for failure by adding items outside the prohibit you from using it. If you like eating outside, there are plenty of options on how to arrange the seating and table size to create a space for you and your loved ones. Adding hanging lights can create a dreamy setting with the right kind of ambiance that’ll keep you wanting to eat outside this time of the year.

Tabletop Tops

Dress up your tabletops with the right kind of patterns. This can be something with blossoms, peonies, or anything you can think of. While small in change, it can really bring together your dining set.

Tiki Time

Island vibes aren’t complete without the quintessential tiki torches. This inexpensive items are a great way to add that island-style relaxation you want after coming home from a long day at work.