9 Must-visit Santa Clara Coffee Shops Perfect for Working Remotely

March 15, 2017

Are you among the fortunate few who work from home at your apartments in Silicon Valley?

Do you crave a strong coffee along with a change of scenery every now and then?

If so, you might get a huge kick out of working remotely in one of these awesome Santa Clara coffee shops. They'll be sure to impress with their specialty coffee flavors while ensuring you a great environment to get all your hard work done.

So without further ado, let's take a look at these 9 must-visit Santa Clara coffee shops!

1. Chromatic Coffee

If you live in apartments in Silicon Valley, you've probably heard of the Silicon Valley Coffee Company.

But now they're under new ownership and a new name: Chromatic Coffee.

The new owners have even changed the way they gather their ingredients and make their beverages. Chromatic Coffee sources, roasts, and brews their coffee in ways that are collaborative with bean producers that reflects their dedication to their products.

The Chromatic Coffee locations are admittedly a little geeky – which just may be the perfect environment to get your remote work done quickly.

Plus, if you work from home, you can take their coffee beans home in 12 ounce bags straight from the growers.

So if you're looking for a cool and laid back new coffee company, give Chromatic Coffee a taste.

2. City Lights Espresso

City Lights Espresso is a locally-owned coffee shop with homemade recipes for a variety of tasty treats.

According to their website, their breakfast burrito is their best seller – and can be paired with your choice of soup. They also specialize in gluten free breads, cookies, and desserts. 

And like any coffee shop worth its beans, they offer free Wifi for the busy professional. That way, you can focus your refreshed energies on your work.

On top of these factors, City Lights Espresso also offers catering and party planning services so you can bring their coffee to your workplace or your home gathering.

If this sounds like your kind of coffee shop, give City Lights Espresso a shot.

3. Peet's Coffee

Peet's Coffee & Tea is one of the oldest and most celebrated coffee companies in the Southern California area.

According to their website, even though they've gone through a lot of changes over the years, they still "remain true to the same principle that inspired [their] founder – an unrelenting commitment to quality."

While many businesses might make similar claims about their products, Peet's Coffee has proof. They get all their supplies through a Direct Trade and Certification program. Their buyers visit farmers in person to negotiate prices, all in an effort to comply with environmental standards.

Plus, if you're dedicated enough, you might even call yourself what other fans of Peet's Coffee call themselves: Peetniks.

So, do you think you might want to spend your working hours at a responsibly sourced and traditional Southern Californian coffee house? You might want to stop by Peet's Coffee, you Peetnik.

4. Big Mug Coffee Roaster

With a remarkable 726 reviews and a solid 4 stars on Yelp, Big Mug Coffee Roaster might be your new favorite place to work remotely.

Many of the overwhelmingly positive reviews celebrated Big Mug for their abundance of electrical outlets – something anyone with a laptop for work will recognize as a big plus. No one likes scrambling for free juice!

Big Mug Coffee Roaster doesn't just stop at the coffee, though. They also serve Marianne's ice cream, which many patrons love to mix with their espressos. Plus, they stock their shop with locally sourced brands, particularly those from the area surrounding your apartments in Silicon Valley.

One of their most popular selections is a green tea latte that pairs with pastries and a relaxing ambiance. So if that sounds like something you'd like to experience for yourself, stop by Big Mug Coffee Roaster.

5. TOM N TOMS Coffee

If you want to get away completely from the typical Californian fare, you might want to check out TOM N TOMS specialty coffee shops.

What sets them apart from the rest?

Well, for one, they're Korean. According to their website, when you go there you can "be loved from all over the world including Republic Korea now as high-quality coffee, fresh baked pretzels make warm and relaxed atmosphere with good people together."

Their translations may not be perfect, but according to online reviews, their coffees are delicious and unique. One of their most popular single origin black coffees that received rave reviews is known only as "THE CALYPSO," a name which practically dares you to try it.

They even offer beverages and a play area designed specifically for children. In other words, if you have to get work done as soon as possible and need a safe place for your kids to hang out, you should try TOM N TOMS.

6. Erik's DeliCafe     

According to conventional coffee wisdom, sometimes the best cup of Joe can be found in places that don't specifically advertise their caffeinated beverages.

And if you believe what you read in online reviews, Erik's DeliCafe in Santa Clara may be a prime example.

Started in 1973 by Erik and his family, Erik's DeliCafe offers sandwiches, slow-simmered soups, along with fresh salads and baked goods made from scratch. Foods that pair well great with a hot cup of coffee, wouldn't you agree?

Erik's Premium Coffee is one of the strongest selling points of the shop, but people also love their community assistance programs. According to their website, last year Erik's DeliCafe donated over 38,000 meals tom local food banks during the holidays.

Delis and cafes are always some of the coziest locations to get your work done, so stop by Erik's DeliCafe today and see what you can accomplish with a full stomach and your daily coffee fix!

7. Voyager Craft Coffee

For a coffee sharp that started as a glorified food truck, Voyager Craft Coffee has come far in the culinary field of caffeinated beverages.

Their mission statement proudly states:

"Our signature recipes combine globally inspired flavors, farm-sourced beans, and real ingredients that will take you on a voyage with every sip."

Sounds impressive, doesn't it? Fortunately, they aren't full of hot air. Just hot (and cold) drinks.

Voyager Craft Coffee also offers a few signature espresso drinks that vary depending on your favorite flavors. They include:

  • Bali – Made with honey, cayenne, and coconut.
  • Valencia – Made with orange blossom water, coconut, and vanilla.
  • Santiago – Made with chocolate, cayenne, ginger, and cinnamon.
  • Savannah – Made with reduced bourbon and muddled mint.

Of course, Voyager Craft Coffee also offers more traditional beverages and a selection of loose leaf teas. That means regardless of what kind of caffeinated drink you crave on a given day, Voyager Craft Coffee can help you get your work done.

8. Jin's Bakery & Coffee

This may come as a shock to you, but Santa Clara has two Korean coffee shops!

That's right, Jin's Bakery & Coffee shop offers both meals and the coffee you crave. Once two separate establishments (Java Town and Jin's Bakery), the site has combined and been renovated to serve both needs.

And apparently, their location is now bigger and better. Plus, people are already enjoying the new location as a great spot to work remotely.

One review on Yelp put it simply:

"[Jin's Bakery & Coffee is] a good place to chill or get some work done if you want to avoid the crowds and the more well-known bakeries and coffee shops."

So if you want to try a specialty pastry along with your tasty coffee, stop by Jin's. You never know what you might accomplish.

9. Barefoot Coffee Roasters Rollup Bar

One of the most respected coffee shops in Santa Clara is Barefoot Coffee Roasters.

From 2003 to today, they've focused on making sure all their culinary coffees are responsibly and locally sourced – and it's won them high praise. They've won awards from outlets like Food & Wine Magazine, Huffington Post, 7x7, and more.

According to their website, they treat their coffee beans like a winery treats their grapes. They only choose hand-picked coffee beans that are grown at higher elevations with ideal climates.

Then, their actual beverages are roasted to order in small batches in order to highlight their single origin nature – instead of using the traditional big batch roasting machine.

Barefoot Coffee Roasters are also one of the pioneers of the Direct Trade movement. They gather beans only from producers they have personal relationships with that date back more than a decade in their effort to ensure "conscientious cultivation and commitment to the environment."

So if a specialty coffee shop like Barefoot Coffee Roasters sounds like the perfect place for you to slap on some headphones and get to work, give them a try.

Which Santa Clara coffee shops will you try?

With so many coffee shops to choose from in the Silicon Valley area, you might have a hard time picking a favorite.

But as long as you're productive, you might as well try them all!