Celebrate Football Season with a Visit to the 49ers Museum!

October 18, 2016

If your favorite time of year is football season, you’re probably thrilled that your Santa Clara apartment is so close to the home of the 49ers – Levi’s Stadium!

But did you know that you could dive into the history of your local NFL team by checking out the awesome 49ers Museum?

Conveniently located near your luxury apartments in Santa Clara at Levi’s Stadium itself, the 49ers Museum is open to the public seven days a week during football season.

The museum takes visitors on a dynamic interactive journey through life-sized statues of the most celebrated members of the franchise. Visitors can use interactive kiosks to read stats and biographies of great players like Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and Joe Montana.

There’s also the Heritage Gallery spiral, a huge timeline of the most brilliant 49ers moments in the team’s history.

Afterward, visitors can experience the excitement of being “In the Game” – a virtual football game that features simulated passing, receiving, blocking, and agility practice.

The experience ends at the trophy room, which boasts a whopping five Lombardi Super Bowl trophies in a gallery honoring the city the team calls home. And don’t forget to check out the Team Store on your way out to snag some great memorabilia you can use to decorate your Santa Clara apartment!

For tickets, visit Ticketmaster.com or the Visa Box Office at the North East corner of Levi’s Stadium. Santa Clara residents only pay $10 each, and kids get in free!

So, if a visit to the 49ers Museum sounds like your idea of a day well spent, head down to Levi’s Stadium today!


Image source: http://www.49ers.com/photos/photo-gallery/A-Glimpse-at-the-49ers-Museum/4477cd20-8c1d-464d-88b3-d5f823bbd3b7#0c574bb4-1cce-4e9b-8c71-e79911d0b94e