How to Host a Spring Brunch in Your Apartment

April 16, 2019

With all the spring holidays just around the corner, like Easter and Mother’s Day, now’s the time to start thinking about hosting a brunch with friends and family to celebrate in your Tuscany apartment. You may have wondered if your space is big enough for a get-together. It is!

Here are our clever ideas for putting together a spring brunch in a small apartment.

#1 – Clear out some furniture and get creative with seating.

The idea is to open up your social spaces and create an easy flow for people to move throughout the room. For example:

· You might want to move your coffee table to another room or to someplace that isn’t right in the middle of the living room.

· Move any dining room chairs out to various places around the apartment to create small conversation areas and allow space to walk around in the dining table.

· You could use a bedroom ottoman as a seat in the living room.

· Bigger throw pillows from your sofa or bed can be thrown onto the floor and used as seats for guests as well.

#2 – Create a designated place for purses and coats.

Whether it’s in the coat closet or on your bed in the bedroom, make sure your guests have a place to put their things. This way, they won’t just drop their personal items around your apartment, causing clutter and less space for people to sit and mingle. You certainly don’t want your guests tripping over handbags throughout your nice brunch either.

#3 – Clear off your kitchen counters and any other clutter.

You probably have your everyday kitchen items sitting on your counters – coffee maker, blender, toaster, spices, and then some. Remove all these things, just for the day. Stuff them in a cupboard, closet, or even under the sink. You could even put them in your bedroom for the time being. This will clear off space for your brunch dishes or drinks, plates, and silverware, or even for people to set their plates while they’re standing around, eating, and chatting.

Also, take a look around your entire apartment and see if there are areas of clutter – like stacks of mail, books, wires and cords, or just your personal décor trinkets and knickknacks. It’s best to put these items away as well, hidden in a closet or your bedroom to give your apartment a fresh open feel that can hold all your guests.

#4 – Utilize your patio or balcony.

The key to a good party is utilizing every inch of your space for people to gather. By setting out a little table and chairs or a nice outdoor bench, you will be inviting your guests to step outside to socialize or eat. Plus, with the Santa Clara weather warming up for spring, you should take full advantage of your apartment’s balcony or patio.

#5 – Put appetizers in different places around the house.

Everyone always tends to congregate around the food at parties. This is why you should strategically place different appetizers around the room – for example, some crackers and brie in the living room or a crudité platter on a side table. You could even put some nuts or popcorn in bowls around the house or out on the patio. This way, people will move about the different rooms and not hover in one spot.

Then, when it’s time to eat, set everything on the dinner table or kitchen counters (that you cleared off), so people can help themselves buffet style. Your guests can get their food and then go find a place to sit elsewhere.

#6 – Create a self-serve bar or drink station.

The last thing you want to be doing during your brunch is serving drinks. Put all your beverages out in a designated place – like on a bar cart, your kitchen counter, or inside a cooler on the patio – for guests to help themselves. Since this is a brunch, you don’t necessarily need to put out a fully stocked open bar.

Instead, put out a variety of fruit juices – like orange juice, grapefruit juice, and pomegranate juice – in carafes and some chilled bottles of champagne.

Guests can either serve themselves some juice, a mixed champagne cocktail, or just some champagne on its own. To give your bar station an extra fancy touch, also put out some frozen berries or mint leaves for guests to garnish their drinks. Also, don’t forget the bottled water.

Make sure to set out your drink cups too, so you don’t have to go fishing around for them during the party. Use disposable cups, but try to find some pretty or festive ones since it’s a special occasion. You could also put out a sharpie pen for guests to write their names on their cup, so they don’t lose track of it during the party.

#7 – Delegate food responsibilities so it’s not all on you.

Hosting a party is a lot of work. Make it easier on yourself by doing it potluck style. Guests always ask what they can bring anyway – don’t be shy, delegate. You don’t have to be specific, but just have a few different people bring appetizers and a few people bring a side dish or salad of their choice.

This is also a great way to start conversations at the party, swap recipes, and for everyone to try new things. It also ensures you won’t be cooking away in the kitchen the whole time. If you do prepare any dishes, make sure it’s something that can be done in advance, so you can enjoy yourself during the party.

Don’t forget to respect any dietary restrictions. Have at least one or two dishes or appetizers that don’t have meat, or that may be ok for someone who is on a gluten-free diet. You can’t cater to everyone, but you don’t want anyone to be hungry.

#8 – Play music at a low level.

Music at a party is a must. But, don’t forget, you’re still in a smaller space and have neighbors close by. Play mellow background music at a low level. Choose your playlist in advance, so you don’t have to think about it during the party.

People will enjoy the sounds, and will also appreciate not having to scream to talk to one another or start to feel overwhelmed by too much noise.

#9 – Decorate, but don’t go overboard.

Since you have limited space to work with, definitely decorate but keep it to a minimum.

· Some colorful flowers in mason jars on the tables in your home make for a simple, nice touch to any spring gathering. If this is for Mother’s Day, you could even give each of the moms who come one to take home as a little party favor.

· A main floral centerpiece on your dining table is a great way to bring some spring into your home. Just make sure there’s room for all the food as well. So, keep it small and understated, but pretty.

· If it’s an Easter party, you could also put out some serving bowls filled with artificial Easter grass and jelly beans or chocolate eggs for people to nibble on. This makes a cute, festive décor idea as well.

· A colorful tablecloth is another way to add a little functional décor without being too much.

· Put some potted plants and flowers out on your patio or balcony too, for guests to enjoy while hanging out outside.

· A spring wreath on your front door is also a nice and simple way to bring the spring theme to your home.

· A chalkboard welcome sign can also be placed on your front door or somewhere inside your some. It could say something, like “Hello Spring!” or “Happy Easter!”

It’s nice to add some festive touches around your home, but you don’t need to go all out since you’re in a smaller space. The dollar section at Target always has good holiday finds. Keep it simple and sweet.

#10 – Use disposable plates and silverware, but cute ones.

We don’t recommend using disposables on a regular basis, since they’re not the most earth-friendly option. However, for a special occasion, where you have a lot of people, it might be better to go this route.

This way, you won’t have to spend time in the kitchen doing dishes or you won’t have to worry about having enough plates and forks and knives for everyone.

However, there are so many options out there for fun, decorative disposable plates and silverware. Good old Target or your local party shop probably have spring-style tableware that will add a touch of holiday décor to your brunch.

There you have it!

We pretty much covered all the basics for hosting a spring brunch in your apartment. Don’t be afraid to have more than a few guests over. Apartment living is still conducive to entertaining. Spring presents the perfect opportunity to have some friends and family get together to celebrate the fresh new season and the holidays that come with it.