Inspire Your Inner Innovator at the Tech Museum of Innovation

March 15, 2017

The future is coming faster than you think – so catch up with the times and find inspiration at the Tech Museum of Innovation!

The Tech Museum of Innovation was created in 1978 as a facility devoted to science and technology in San Jose. By 1998, The Tech had become a landmark for people visiting the most innovative place on Earth – only a short trip from apartments in Silicon Valley!

The Tech features hundreds of educational, hand-on exhibits, activities, and floor programs for visitors to see and experience. Some of these include:

  • Do-It-Yourself Genetics
  • Cyber Security
  • Body Metrics
  • Social Robots
  • The Tech Challenge design competition

And if you're a parent, the Tech is a fantastic place close to your apartments in Silicon Valley for your children to explore all the wonders of science. The organization does everything it can to reach kids from all backgrounds and provide them access to its programs, classes, and exhibits – especially when it comes to low-income families.

The Tech also features the Bay Area's only IMAX dome theater and digital surround-sound system dedicated to displaying educational material like none other. This system allows the nearly 17,000 low-income students that travel through the Museum each year to fully immerse themselves in science and technology programming.

The Tech Museum of Innovation was even honored for their commitment at the White House in August of 2016. Tim Ritchie, the president of The Tech, received the top national museum prize from former first lady Michelle Obama.

So if you're a tech-savvy individual, or if you'd just like to teach your kids more about the incredible world they live in, take a trip to The Tech!

Image source: http://www.westmuse.org/sites/westmuse.org/files/images/Blog/2014/TheTech_InnovationGallery.jpg