Thanksgiving in Your Santa Clara Apartment

November 16, 2017

Celebrating this Thanksgiving Day? Need a few ideas on how to decorate your Santa Clara luxury apartment? Or are you in need of a few dessert options to delight your guests? If it is one or all of the above, continue reading for your Santa Clara Guide to Thanksgiving 2017.

Décor Galore!


Sign Me Up…

Looking for a modern wreath for Thanksgiving? Why not make one yourself?! Take an innovative approach by making a door sign wrapped in fall leaves. Chances are that you already have most of the items needed to make this sign if you have already gone shopping for your décor. If you haven’t, these inexpensive items are easy to find. Depending on if you have a chalkboard or not you will need chalkboard paint, a frame, leaves.

For those who don’t have a chalkboard, the paint will come in handy by allowing you to turn the center of the frame – or any surface – into a chalkboard. Then, create your own wreath with leaves purchased from your local Santa Clara craft store or even Walmart! Layer the wreath on top of the frame, and write a warm message on the board. You now have the perfect wreath to welcome your guests to your Santa Clara apartment. For a visual of this décor click here.

Nap-kin Time

Step up your napkin game with Thanksgiving napkin designs. You can purchase iron-on paper at your local Santa Clara craft store, Walmart, Staples or similar stores. All you need to do is create a design in a word document or you can use this design by squirrelly. Press print, cut the designs to size and iron onto your cotton napkins. You’ll have guests wondering where you purchased your holiday napkins.

Leaf Place Holder & Tags

Need to designate which family member or friend sits where? Here is an easy, cost effective, and creative way for creating Place Holders. Take Kraft paper and another print of your choice -  whether it be paisley or simply a metallic paper – pair the two and cut out a variety of leaf patterns. A very simple concept that serves its purpose and looks good. Take it up a notch and wrap the tag around your guest’s drink, a great way to make sure they’ll never mix up drinks. To see this come to life, click here.

The Kids Table

If you’re having to setup a kids table in your Santa Clara apartment, keeping things clean is important especially in a small space. A great idea for the kids table is to create a tablecloth out of Kraft paper. The great thing about this idea is that you won’t have to worry about kids making holes or drawing on your favorite tablecloth. In fact, you can encourage drawing on the tablecloth by providing crayons keeping the young ones entertained.

If you don’t want to go as far as getting enough Kraft paper to act as a tablecloth, you can purchase just enough to make place mats for your young guests. And once again, encourage drawing on the place mats by providing crayons. Don’t know how to neatly place the crayons? Check out these two creative ideas: Crayon Holder and Crayon Cups.

For some extra fun and entertainment, print out this Thanksgiving Coloring and Activity Book.

Thankful For…

From trees to jars, place cards listing why you’re thankful in the entrance of your Santa Clara luxury apartment. For a more decorative look opt for a tree like structure and place these “thankful tree leaves” onto the as your guests fill them out. If you’re more about the concept, place a jar or vase and have guests fill out index cards or even the leaves.

Left-Overs To-go

While this may not be considered décor, this idea will surely make your night go smoother. Like many people hosting Thanksgiving Day dinner having enough plates and Tupperware to send your guests off with can be difficult. This year stock up on plates and to-go bags. You’ll no longer have to search for a plastic bag to wrap your guest’s food in. Country living found these cute Thanksgiving to-go bags from World Market. With these, you’ll be all set!

Now that you have your Santa Clara apartment all decorated, the next big item to tackle is dinner and more specifically side dishes and desserts! These side dishes and desserts are sure to be crowd pleaser so continue reading for these delectable ideas.


Everyone loves a biscuit with their Thanksgiving Day dinner. However, these biscuits will take that love to the next level. Fluffy Apple-Cheddar Biscuits are what is missing from your dinner this year. An easy bake, these biscuits will take a total time of 50 minutes to prep and bake; not bad! What you’ll need:

-All Purpose Flour         -Granny Smith Apples          -Black Pepper

-Sugar                        -Sharp Cheddar Cheese        -Whole Milk

-Baking Powder           -Butter                                -Eggs

-Salt                           -Green Onions

This recipe will yield 16 servings. For directions on how to make these delicious biscuits click here. Enjoy!

Mashed Potatoes

What is better than Mashed Potatoes on Thanksgiving Day?! How about Mashed Potatoes topped with bacon, cheese and onions. If your guests are Vegetarian you may have to skip on the bacon but you can always substitute for a tofu bacon. The total bake time including preparation is about 1 Hour and 15 minutes making this dish a moderate one. What you’ll need:

-Potatoes                   -Cheddar Cheese         -Onion Powder

-Bacon                       -Butter                       -Salt

-Cream Cheese           -Milk                          -Pepper

 -Sour Cream             -Garlic Powder            -Green Onions

This recipe will yield a total of 10 servings. For directions on how to make this Mash click here.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Bringing you the best of both worlds, this side dish/dessert will have your guests asking for more. Presenting the Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows and Coconut Crumble. Yes, you read right, with Marshmallows and Coconut Crumble! Making this dish on the fence of whether it is served during dinner or after. The difficulty level is moderate considering total bake time including prep is an Hour and 45 minutes. What you’ll need:

-Sweet Potato’s                                -Brown Sugar                        -Ground Ginger

-Eggs                                              -Ground Cinnamon                 -Ground Nutmeg

-Unsalted Butter                              -Vanilla Extract                       -Salt

-Evaporated Milk                             -Ground Allspice                     -Chopped Pecans

-Sweetened Condensed Milk             -Ground Cloves                      -All Purpose Flour

-Unsweetened Coconut Flakes          -Marshmallows                       -Cooking Spray

This recipe will yield 8 servings maybe more depending on how big you serve the slice! For directions on how to make this recipe come to life click here.

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies

If you are feeling creative and want to master the art of the sugar cookie, this recipe is for you! Spiced Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies are sure to delight every guest in your Santa Clara apartment. It’s an easy bake that takes a total of  about 2 Hours and 30 Minutes but keep in mind an Hour and 30 Minutes of that time is down time. What you’ll need:

-All Purpose Flour                   -Salt                                      -Meringue Powder

-Baking Powder                      -Unsalted Butter                     -Confectioners’ Sugar

-Granulated Sugar                  -Eggs                                    -Food Coloring

-Pumpkin Pie Spice                 -Pure Vanilla Extract               -Candy Corn

This recipe will yield about 2 and ½ dozen cookies and 2 cups of icing for decorating. For exact directions on how to bake click here.

Pumpkin Pie

A holiday classic, pumpkins pies are a staple at any Thanksgiving Day dinner. This pie, however, is a bit different. With the Pumpkin Pie in a Sheet Pan, you get the same taste but a bigger serving making sure all of the guests in your Santa Clara apartment have plenty to eat. The difficulty level is intermediate but you can do it! The process of making this dish comes to a total of 10 Hours. Considering it has to set overnight, you are really looking at 1 Hour and 30 Minutes of baking. Since this pie is completely from scratch you will need quite a few ingredients to make both the dough and filling. For a full list of ingredients and directions click here!

One last idea for the holiday.

The Thanksgiving Holiday is only 7 days away and whether you celebrate it or not, it is always a great time to give back. Don’t know how you can contribute this holiday? No worries, keep reading for a great way to give back near your Santa Clara luxury apartment.

Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

With last year’s race drawing in more than 20,000 participants and raising just about $1 Million for local charities, you can say this event is worth your time. For those of you who do not know, a Turkey Trot consists of a 5K Run/Walk, a 10K Run and a Kids Fun Run. This takes place on Thanksgiving morning 11/23 at 8:30AM.

The race will begin at Santa Clara and First Street ending at Santa Clara and Delmas Street. A festival area will be hosted at Guadalupe River Park. For those who can’t make it, donations are also accepted.

For more information like how to register and what come with your registration fee, click here.

There you have it. A few décor and cooking ideas to help your Santa Clara Thanksgiving run just a little smoother. Happy holidays!


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