Why Apartment Living Is The Best

March 16, 2018

Living at Tuscany Santa Clara is hard to beat. Granted, we might be a tad biased, but we think our past and current residents would agree with that sentiment as well. Apartment living simply has an innate draw to people wanting to live and enjoyable lifestyle, while also maintaining some personal space as well. For those one the fence about what is more preferable, we’re here to help make the case as to why apartment living is better than any other option.

It’s not only that you have a chance to live somewhere to so many others agree is an incredible place to live, it’s the amount of tangible added benefits that you’ll fall in love with as well. While our list has 10 reasons preaching apartment living superiority, there are so many little benefits not listed that could have been added as well.

Here’s Some Reasons Apartment Living is the Best

-Financial Costs

The idea of owning a house or condo is extremely appealing on paper, we get that. However, sometimes the idealized version of something is not always what comes to fruition in reality. For example, owning a home brings with it a mortgage, higher utilities, property taxes, and other recurring expenditures. Comparing that with an apartment, where rental prices are for the most part cheaper than a mortgage, lower utility costs, and way less monthly fees.


Speaking of less of something, how does less cleaning and maintenance sound? Living in apartment dramatically reduces the amount of maintenance and cleaning you have to do. Actually, at Tuscany Santa Clara, you don’t have to handle any maintenance work yourself. All you have to do is simply log into our residents page, and submit a maintenance request. From there, we have our team take care of it, leaving you with less stress and worries about doing it yourself.

As far as cleaning goes, a smaller space obviously means less room to clean. While that may be more apparent, apartment living also means that you don’t have any yard work or gardening to worry about. At Tuscany Santa Clara, we keep all of our outdoor common areas properly maintained and looking spectacular. This gives you the satisfaction of having great looking curb appeal without having to do any of the work yourself.


Like we mentioned about outdoor common areas, the amount of amenities you receive simply by living in an apartment complex is staggering. For those lucky enough to live here with us, amenities are abound. We provide our residents with the most updated and state-of-the-art amenities available.

What’s that look like?

It comes in all shapes, sizes, rooms, and views. For starters, residents living at Tuscany receive access to our resort style swimming pool and hot tub with lounge chairs, group seating, and outdoor couches. We pair that outdoor enjoyment with an outdoor firepit and circular seating area for those to gather around the fire and hang out.

Feeling hunger after a long day in the sun? Head over to our world-class grilling area where we have grills for everyone to use and cook up something tasty. Oh, and don’t forget about the indoor amenities as well. We offer everyone the ability to use our conference center for handle your business, brand new fitness center to work on your overall physical health, and community lounge to sit around with friends and family or fellow Tuscany residents.

The best part about all of this? It’s included in your rent, so there’s no need to go somewhere and pay a fee to use these type of amenities. As is the case for our community, all you have to do is be respectful of the space and we take care of the rest.


General safety is an incredibly important aspect of where you live. Quite frankly, it determines how you live on a daily basis. Being scared for your general well-being based on where you live is no a way to go through life. Another benefit of living in an apartment complex is level of security you’re receiving.

At Tuscany, we ensure that each of our residents feels 100% safe at all times while being in the community. To make sure of this safety, we have a gated community with a gated entry. We don’t stop there, as we incorporated individual key fob access control. Our security also extends to parking, with private parking that’s controlled with access entry points.

We provide this intensive security because we know how important resident satisfaction is. That is an aspect of apartment living you simply can’t match when you own your own residence. While home security systems help, those are security measures that help after something has happened, rather than preventing that incident from happening in the first place.


A general sense of safety is an added measure that apartments do extremely well, but it’s not the only thing that makes your living experience even better. Another aspect is being apart of a larger community of like-minded individuals.

-Less is More 

When they say less is more, we're pretty sure that phrase was referring to apartment life. We mean that in the sense of not having as much clutter or tendancies to buy unnecessary items. With a house, you can have the urge to buy something simply because you have a place to put it. Overtime, this can turn into a bit of a hoarding habit, where the next thing you know there's an abundant amount of nicknacks you aren't entirely sure where they came from. 

-Forces you to become more creative with your space/in general

Coinciding with less is more philosophy, is the idea that you have to get more creative with how to decorate and arrange you room. As far as we're concerned, this is a fun problem to have, because it allows use to challenge yourself to create an inviting living space that also isn't crammed. Creativity with how you decorate and plan out your space can spark inspiration and motivation to spruce up your place, making it look even better than if you had a large space to fill. 

-Ideal location

While this may be another biased approach, we think that apartments tend to be in ideal locations in whatever city they find themselves. We know for certain that this is the case with Tuscany Santa Clara. Within minutes you can find yourself a great place to eat, drink, or even entertainment. All of this is at your disposal 365 days a year, so make sure you take advantage of it!