You Can't Escape This Santa Clara Fun!

May 01, 2017

Are you feeling adventurous? If so, this activity located near your Santa Clara luxury apartment will definitely spark your interest!

Just 3 miles away from your Santa Clara apartment the Beat The Lock Escape Rooms is an adventure you soon won't forget.

For those who may not know what an escape room is-- it is an adventure game where the participants/players work together to solve a series of puzzles using clues in order to escape in the time allotted. Escape rooms have become quite popular attracting people of all ages to this fun adventurous activity resulting in more and more establishments being opened.

Beat The Lock Escape Rooms features two themed rooms: The Spy Room and Secrets In The Attic Room. The Spy Room revolves around a suspicious neighbor whose house you sneak into to uncover his real identity. Located in both the Santa Clara and San Jose Beat The Lock Escape Rooms locations, groups of different sizes will enjoy this room the most. Only available at the Santa Clara location, the Secrets In The Attic room has players reading Grandma Edna’s will and figuring out where she left your inheritance. For both rooms you have 60 minutes to solve the puzzle and get the key to escape.

At $30 a person and rooms for both adults and children, this Santa Clara adventure is for everyone in the family. This adventure game is a great way to work with your friends and family and even strangers! So what are you waiting for?!


Image source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/22/0c/83/220c8322d7d292a0ef2a49dbb247faf7.jpg