Your Guide To Hosting This Holiday Season at Your Santa Clara Apartment

December 18, 2017

The holiday season is officially in full swing. Thanksgiving just passed, Hanukkah began 6 days ago, Christmas is in 7 days, Kwanzaa is in 8 and only 14 days left until the New Year! It is certainly true that the holidays bring joy but for those hosting, it can be stressful. This guide is here to help relieve some of that stress. In this guide, you will find tips on preparing to host the holidays at your Santa Clara luxury apartment. You’ll also find a couple of decor ideas along with a local Santa Clara event to light up your holidays!

Sometimes it seems a bit of a challenge to host a holiday party and entertain guests in an apartment. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how much space you have but how you make it work.

The Preparation

Cleaning, while it sounds like something that you would of course do, goes beyond vacuuming, mopping and dusting. Decluttering is a key cleaning component that will open up space. Anything non-essential should be put away in your storage—or hidden under the bed where guests surely won’t look.

After you’ve decluttered the minor non-essential items, tackle the rearranging of your furniture. You don’t have to completely move everything around just a shift to create more space for your guests. While it may not look chic, more space for your guests is worth it.

To free up any additional space, designate an area for guests purses and coats. This will prevent the usual pile up that occurs on a couch or chair. An additional way to create more space in your Santa Clara apartment is by placing a few throw pillows on the floor. This adds seating and gives a modern take.

Make use of all your counter space. Your Santa Clara luxury apartment has a beautiful kitchen so why not put all that space to use? Remove any small appliances that are non-essential to your holiday party. Tying back to the de-cluttering of your apartment.

More Preparation

You now have an area that is cleared out and clean, allowing you to begin setting up the food and drink stations.

To put your kitchen space to use, utilize your sink as a cooler. Fill your sink up with ice and place water, soda, and any alcoholic beverages inside; it’s easy access for your guests and one less bulky item in your Santa Clara apartment.

Going with the idea of making the most of your counter space, make sure to spread out appetizers, main course, and dessert throughout the apartment. This will make it easier for your guests to get their hands on some food and prevent crowding which can make your apartment seem smaller than it is.

Using tiered trays will allow you to fit more with less space. Reducing the cluttered look that you worked so hard to achieve, tiered trays will also bring your guests joy because you can give them more food options like an array of holiday cookies! Your food menu is also important in the use of space. Keeping your menu simple means keeping more space open for you and your guests.

If you think about it, serving something like steak means your guests will have to find a table or counter to sit and eat at and they will need utensils, all taking up more room leaving less for other guests. If you serve something like ham or turkey sliders, guests can eat that wherever they want, it’s a food they can take on-the-go.

Decking Out Your Apartment

Before you prepare the entertainment below you will find a couple of ideas to spruce up your Santa Clara apartment:


An awesome idea for a centerpiece is to have it also function as a snack bowl making it the perfect all-in-one centerpiece. Purchase a clear vase of your choice, ribbon, and assorted candy or snacks in holiday colors. Stack the snack according to their color—for example red, gold, green, silver—tie the ribbon around the vase and you’re all set! To see how it looks like click here.  Alternatively, you can take the vase of your choice and fill it with pine cones, ornaments and other holiday related items.

Light up your night with light filled bottles! Purchase battery operated lights at your local store Santa Clara store like Walmart, and carefully fill an empty wine bottle or other beverage bottle. These centerpieces will surely stand out and look awesome in dimly lit rooms. Alternatively, you can fill a few of the vases you purchased to fill with snacks, with lights.

Door Décor

Hang door decorations from anything that has a knob. Whether it’s a knob to the bathroom door, room, closet or cabinets, a door hanger decoration will spruce up any Santa Clara apartment. For a DIY version, take a red ribbon (or any color of your choice) and hot-glue it to the base of a pinecone. To see what the final product should look like click here.  

 Now back to hosting the holidays...

Entertaining Guests

Having delicious food and drinks is part of being a great host but so is the actual entertainment. Entertainment comes in many forms like games! Now, the games you choose don’t have to be crazy, even the simplest can be fun.

Here's a few ideas on how to entertain your guests:

Charades – A classic game that livens up any party. There are variations of this game that you can download on your phone’s App Store. For example, a popular variation is Ellen DeGeneres’ App Heads Up. The part of this App is that you can go back after your round and watch video of your friends and family attempting to give you hints.

Sticker Stalker – Every guest receives a sheet of stickers and must get rid of them by sticking them on the other guests at the party without those guests noticing. First one to get rid of all their stickers, wins. Seems easy enough but it can be difficult as the day goes on.

The Laughing game - Everyone sits in a circle, each person takes a turn saying Ha, Hee, or Ho anyone who starts to laugh is out. This continues until everyone is out. The person that keeps a straight face the longest, wins.

In addition to the above games you can also refer to this list for entertainment ideas:

  • Put on a holiday movie
  • Put on everyone’s favorite TV Series
  • Play board games
  • Play video games (Just Dance anyone?)
  • Bust out the Karaoke. Did someone say Jingle Bell Rock?!

 If you have libations at your event, the following games are sure to bring life to any event you are hosting. A few of these games you may have heard of and other you may not, either way your guests are sure to be entertained!

Celebrity Game – The first person says a celebrity's name. The next person has to say a celebrity's name that starts with the letter that the last celebrity's name ended with. For example, the first person says, "Nick Jonas" the next person would have to name a celebrity that starts with the letter S. You keep going until someone takes too long to answer (about 10 second) then that person has to take a drink.

I’m Going to The Bar – Similar to the game you played as a child, “I’m going on a picnic”, you state that you’re going to the bar and what you need to get there. For example, “I’m going to the bar and I need to get a Ginger Snap” and then next person would say “I’m going to the bar and I need to get a Ginger Snap and a Hot Toddy”. The game continues until one of your guests messes up resulting in them taking a shot.

Straight face – Everyone writes a sentence on a piece of paper. The sentence should be something that would keep someone from reading it with a straight face. One at a time, each player picks a piece of paper and reads it out loud, if they can't keep a straight face while reading it, they have to take a drink.

Taboo – At the beginning of the party each person gets an index card with a somewhat common word or phrase. The word should be something that will be said but not something that is said very frequently. Every time someone says your word or phrase you call out the word "Taboo" and the person who said it has to drink.

If you want to plan a night with your guests consider going to watch The Nutcracker!

In case you haven’t heard, The San Jose Nutcracker is in town. From December 15th to December 24th, you’ll be able to catch the production put on by The New Ballet School. As a special addition this year, The New Ballet Orchestra will be lending their talent to the full-length performance. On the other hand, if don’t mind not having a live orchestra consider a shortened performance, it’ll be perfect for your guests and it’s sold at a discounted price! You can find more information on both versions of the performance here.

There you have it. A guide to hosting the holidays and really any event at your Santa Clara luxury apartment.